Big Brother

Mass media, fake news, social networks, influence and manipulation, monitoring, information shuffling, controlled advertising, information noise. All this is reflected in the media, which massage our brains and tell us their truth. But where is the truth really?

Project based on the facts of manipulation, on the use of a weak link in the brain that easily becomes addicted. No one can tell if all that the media has to offer us is true if he did not take part in it himself, so we are looking in a flurry of information from which we suck the news and create our truths. The symbolism of the search for truth in the media, which we can never find, is in the blurred image of the object, which is reminiscent of the television screen. It is melted from old television screens that have been “diversifying” our lives for decades.

© Zuzana Kubelkova 2021