Contemporary studio glass and jewellery

The theme of space has been transformed into unique objects by forty Czech artists – glass and jewellery makers. Space is omnipresent – around us and within us, and the selected artists respond to the perception of this concept in different ways with their work.

Some reflect the unique shapes and colours of cosmic bodies and formations – planets, stars, comets, black holes, nebulae, meteors or galaxies. Others transform a variety of technical devices into works that, thanks to scientific research, move in space or observe it from Earth. Integral to the exhibition are works that materialise the higher principles of the functioning of space, transforming this concept into the wider context of the universe. 

The results are unique artistic creations in the form of glass objects or jewellery, using various techniques or material combinations, which present an artistic stylization of the artist’s imagination of the form of a distant world or its principles.

The most frequently represented material in the exhibition is glass. Thanks to its character, glass stimulates the imagination regarding the mystery and limitlessness of space and the higher principles of existence, in contrast to the trivialities of our earthly life..