Sometimes, we try to stop certain moments for a while to share and experience it together in harmony. We perceive our encounter as an opportunity – so we jam together. The material glass has called us. Desire becomes air, air calls courage – just be as we are and feel that together. Deep in the Bavarian forest glassjam was founded.

We, nine international visual artists open borders of the material and show new facets of work, inspired by glass.

glassjam not only covers influences from different countries and cultural areas like Japan, Europe and Russia, but also gathers people with different focuses like glass craft, glass art, free art and design. 

Our focus is not only on technical skill and implementation, but also on glass itself: as an artistic overarching content with sculptural, painterly, scientific, poetic and conceptual approaches. It is a time of renewal where tradition and craft can create a new step and a new image for today. We follow our own path and go forward with history, because that is our aspiration and our mission. Our exchange, we want to share with other people, cultures and places. 

“glassjam” comes from idea of responding flexibly to others and staying in motion and contact, like a jam session of musicians.