The Coburg Prize For Contemporary Glass 2022​

Facebook Instagram The Coburg Prize For Contemporary Glass 2022 “Big brother” object awarded with special prize of Achilles – Stiftung  exhibition from 10th of April – 25th of September 2022 Veste Coburg and European Museum of Modern Glass The Coburg Glass Prize aims to provide a Europe-wide overview of current trends and developments in contemporary […]

Big Brother

Facebook Instagram Big Brother Mass media, fake news, social networks, influence and manipulation, monitoring, information shuffling, controlled advertising, information noise. All this is reflected in the media, which massage our brains and tell us their truth. But where is the truth really? Project based on the facts of manipulation, on the use of a weak […]

Frozen landscape

Facebook Instagram Frozen landscape Glass, paints, acrylics, pastels, layers, color blending, halftones, colors in glass, colors on the floor, colors everywhere… Space and depth in paintings are formed only by an optical illusion, by applied colors, which complement each other – blue and yellow, black and white. I paint abstract landscapes where everything is allowed. […]


Facebook Instagram inside in cooperation with Torsten Rötzsch The mass of glass, which by its weight speaks for itself what is covered – secrets, space, treasure, the weight of the world.  Light permeates the object. The inner space casts shadows, models the structure on the surface, gives a mysterious feeling that there is something living. […]

Grinding series

Facebook Instagram Grinding series Circle – having neither beginning nor end, it represents infinity, perfection and eternity. The circle is the basis of these objects. Photo credit: Filip Švácha Share: Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email © Zuzana Kubelkova 2021   Grinding series

El Cuco

Facebook Instagram El Cuco Look in the mirror and become someone else. based on the novel Outsider by Stephen King photo credit: Filip Švácha Share: Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email © Zuzana Kubelkova 2021  


Facebook Instagram Medrana cycle of life and death photo credit: Filip Švácha Share: Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email © Zuzana Kubelkova 2021

Sui Generis series

Facebook Instagram Sui Generis series Glass textiles is still glass although in the form of micro-fiber cloth. This „industrial“ project is based on that fact and it is processing industrially produced fibres and textiles which are transformed to glass or to raw basalt by remelting. Photo credit: Gabriel Urbánek Share: Share on facebook Share on […]

Warped masks

Facebook Instagram Warped masks of twisted personalities Each of us hides other personalities, natures, characters inside of us that we are not proud of. Some people play a false game and hide behind a different character than they really are. They wear masks that protect them from the outside world, from themselves. Share: Share on […]

My chemical romance

Facebook Instagram My chemical romance 1st place at Young Glass 2017 3rd place at Stanislav Libensky Award 2014 Dean´s prize for the diploma work – FAD JEPU 2014 The glass objects are filled with a changeable material – Sodium acetate. The material is the main part of the project, it has a specific nature of […]