Sui Generis series

Facebook Instagram Sui Generis series Glass textiles is still glass although in the form of micro-fiber cloth. This „industrial“ project is based on that fact and it is processing industrially produced fibres and textiles which are transformed to glass or to raw basalt by remelting. Photo credit: Gabriel Urbánek Share: Share on facebook Share on […]

Warped masks

Facebook Instagram Warped masks of twisted personalities Each of us hides other personalities, natures, characters inside of us that we are not proud of. Some people play a false game and hide behind a different character than they really are. They wear masks that protect them from the outside world, from themselves. Share: Share on […]

My chemical romance

Facebook Instagram My chemical romance 1st place at Young Glass 2017 3rd place at Stanislav Libensky Award 2014 Dean´s prize for the diploma work – FAD JEPU 2014 The glass objects are filled with a changeable material – Sodium acetate. The material is the main part of the project, it has a specific nature of […]

Glass Wall

Facebook Instagram Glass Wall for Preciosa Lighting in cooperation with Martin Opl Prize – Best of Boutique design New York Glass Wall is a decorative wall light fitting that is designed of modular assembled crystal pieces. By variability in arrangement we can achieve various sizes of the wall or ceiling decorations. The main inspiration for […]


Facebook Instagram Ondine Fiber glass jewellery collection Photo credit: Marek Štim Share: Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email © Zuzana Kubelkova 2021  

Deformation proces

Facebook Instagram Deformation proces 2nd place at Stanislav Libensky Award 2012 According to the jury of Stanislav Libensky Award 2012: “The author works, as the title of her work indicates, with the deformation of material in hot shape in innovative manner. This process is perfectly conserved in the presented object, which shows the limit state […]


Facebook Instagram Straight Designed for Moser a.s. Ludwig Moser Award 2012 – Honourable mention Share: Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email © Zuzana Kubelkova 2021