Facebook Instagram Magneto Experiments in glass in combination with graphic art? Those objects fits very well with graphic art of my father – it always had a strong influence on me, the stories behind, and I am truly happy, very happy I could combine my glass pieces and his lithography and paintings in memoriam. Share: […]

Closing Glass Conference in Tokyo 2022

Facebook Instagram Closing Glass Conference in Tokyo 2022 We continue to celebrate the International Year of Glass 2022. Tokyo Closing Conference will take place on 8 – 9 December 2022 at The University of Tokyo, Japan. You can also register as an online participant. If you register as an online participant, you can access the […]

Glass Works exhibition in Frauenau

Facebook Instagram Glass Works exhibition Frauenau The GLASS WORKS touring exhibition has arrived at its final stop! After 3 years and 5 venues in Denmark, Austria and Czech Republic, the exhibition will be shown one last time in the Glasmuseum Frauenau. We cordially invite you to the opening on October 29 at 6 pm. The […]

Frozen landscape II

Facebook Instagram Frozen Landscape II Glass, paints, acrylics, pastels, layers, color blending, halftones, colors in glass, colors on the floor, colors everywhere… Space and depth in paintings are formed only by an optical illusion, by applied colors, which complement each other – blue and yellow, black and white. I paint abstract landscapes where everything is […]


Facebook Instagram Panorama Sometimes, we try to stop certain moments for a while to share and experience it together in harmony. We perceive our encounter as an opportunity – so we jam together. The material glass has called us. Desire becomes air, air calls courage – just be as we are and feel that […]

The Venice Glass Week – HUB under 35

Facebook Instagram The Venice Glass Week – HUB under 35 Since 2017 the city of Venice has staged The Venice Glass Week: an annual international festival dedicated to celebrating, promoting and supporting the art of glass, with a particular focus on that of Murano. In 2022, which has officially been designated by the UN as the International […]

L’âme du verre

Facebook Instagram “L’âme du verre” The Czech Centre invites you to the third exhibition within the Year of Czech Glass, this time dedicated to contemporary glass objects and sculpture. The exhibition The Soul of Glass presents the works of Czech glass artists who are both excellent craftsmen and innovators in their field. The exhibition highlights […]

“Between Glass and Porcelain” exhibition

Facebook Instagram “Between Glass and Porcelain” Výstavu, která měla být v dubnu a květnu 2020 představena v Centru Bavaria Bohemia v Schönsee pod patronací Karlovarského kraje, připravila Galerie umění Karlovy Vary ve spolupráci s Krajskou uměleckou asociací Karlovy Vary. Vývoj pandemie Covidu-19 však zabránil jejímu uskutečnění, ačkoli se pořadatelé snažili několikrát posunout dobu konání. I […]

“Inter Alia” exhibition

Facebook Instagram “Inter Alia” “I paint abstract landscapes where everything is allowed. I give vent to my inner eye, my inner self, expressive and untamed. The combination of all these aspects and materials transforms the surfaces of the paintings into vases that make them three-dimensional. They are an accident and an intention.”  Zuzana Kubelková (*1987) […]